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[[As "Thomas" and "Gertie" walk into the background, she whacks him on the back of the head. Patty, for her part, is still baffled by her mysterious surroundings as more duplicates walk past. Her contact back in the "prime" universe chimes in again.]]
Voice: Patty? What are you seeing? The video isn't coming through...
Patty: All the people... they all look like either Nick or Trudy. There's... HUNDREDS of them...

[[As another Trudy walks past, she gives Patty a suspicious look.]]
Patty: It's like they're all variations of the same two people, copied over and over again...
[[Meanwhile, in the foreground, a hand holds up a smartphone displaying a picture of Patty.]]
Second Voice: Yep, she looks like one of the THEM, all right.

[[Unaware she is being observed, Patty continues talking to her contact.]]
First Voice: But that doesn't make any sense. Can you tell which ones are real...?
Patty: They... ALL are? I don't know...
Second Voice: Excuse me, miss...

[[Patty turns to find another pair of "Nick" and "Trudy", although both are dressed as police officers.]]
Police Nick: I'm afraid you're going to have to come with us...

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