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[[The two police officers escort Patty to their patrol car, then drive her to a large office complex. The sign outside reads "Newton Laboratories".]]
Patty: Wait... this isn't a police station. Where are you taking me...?
Officer: You'll see when we get there, ma'am...

[[The officers escort a rather grumpy Patty indoors and into a large room.]]
Patty: Look, if I'm not under arrest, I have a right to know...
Voice: [Off-panel] Patricia Johnson? Not to worry, miss. Fortunately...

[[Patty looks around the room to discover that it appears to be some sort of scientific laboratory. In front of her are two more "Nick" clones and another "Trudy" clone standing in front of a whiteboard. One "Nick" has gray, shaggy hair and a bristly mustache and wears a turtleneck and a lab coat. The other "Nick" is balding with a goatee and wears a dress shirt and tie. The "Trudy" also wears a lab coat, but also wears glasses and a long skirt. All three wear name tags that double as security badges.]]
"Goatee Nick": We can explain everything...

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