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[[As the two police officers leave, Patty turns to the three scientists who look like variations of Nick and Trudy.]]
Patty: [Tentatively] Nick?
"Goatee Nick": No, but we can understand why you'd think that. I'm Victor Wellington. I'm a twelfth-gen.

[["Victor" gestures to the other two scientists.]]
Victor: My esteemed colleagues are Edward, a forth-gen, and Esther, a ninth-gen. We've been expecting you.
Patty: [Confused] "Gen"? I don't understand...

[["Esther" adjusts her glasses, answering in a flat, matter-of-fact tone.]]
Esther: Short for "generation", as in removed from our respective ancestors who were duplicated by the original MUTEX signal fragmentation. We are descendants of your coworkers.

Patty: [Cringing] If that means what I think it means, I hope Ki didn't hear that...
Ki: [Via Patty's ear piece] What was that, Patty? We didn't copy...

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