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[[Patty looks uncertainly at the three scientists.]]
Patty: I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this...
Edward: It's OK. It's hard to digest. Believe it or not, we've had a few thousand years to work out all the details.

[[Victor and Esther stand in front of a whiteboard and gesture toward it as they talk. On it is a diagram that depicts the Earth. On either side is a picture of Nick and Trudy, with multiple lines radiating out from them to the surface of the planet. Surrounding the diagram are indecipherable notes and scientific equations.]]
Victor: You see, when the original Nick came to this universe, the quasitrons in the MUTEX split his signal into billions of fragments and scattered them throughout space and time.
Esther: A similar event happened to Trudy when she passed through to search for him. Each copy retained the original's memories up to the point of duplication.

[[We focus back on Edward and Patty.]]
Edward: As such, this planet is currently occupied by several billion copies of us, some of which are descendants of prior copies and some having only recently arrived.

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