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[[The duplicates continue their explanation as Patty struggles to follow along.]]
Esther: We learned early on that this copy of Earth never evolved humanoid life on its own. As such, every human present is a copy of Nick, Trudy, or a descendant of a pair.

Victor: We still haven't been able to determine where the extra mass of each duplicate came from, or why the signal didn't degrade upon scattering. Neither should be possible.

Edward: We assume that Velociraptor in your universe was somehow able to convert energy into new mass, although that still doesn't explain where that energy came from.

Esther: Sadly, none of us have been able to replicate either the MUTEX or Velociraptor in this universe, meaning we have been unable to make contact with you... until now.

References: Velociraptor has proven difficult to replicate: (1) (2) (3) (4)
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