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[[Patty continues her discussion with the Nick and Trudy "duplicates" Victor, Edward, and Esther.]]
Patty: You said you were expecting me...
Esther: We assumed that at some point the quasitron contamination would be eliminated and another volunteer sent to rescue your friends.

[[Victor holds up his smartphone, which displays a picture of Fooker, Sharon, and Ki.]]
Victor: We didn't know who that might be, though, so every one of us carries around pictures of all of you, taken from Nick's smartphone. Of course, ANY new face stands out around here.

Patty: Nobody recognized me before the police did.
Edward: Not all of us are so eager to go back. WE were all born here. This is the only home we've ever known.

Patty: [Exasperated] But... I have to rescue at least ONE Nick and Trudy!
Esther: Indeed, but it cannot be one of us. WE cannot leave. We are fully integrated into this universe now.

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