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[[Patty continues her discussion with the three Nick and Trudy scientist "duplicates". "Esther" has just told her that the three of them cannot leave as they are now "fully integrated" into this universe.]]
Patty: What do you mean by "fully integrated"?
Esther: Each universe has a base subatomic resonant frequency. All matter and energy within it shares the same base.

Patty: Yeah, Nick's scanner uses that... I think.
Victor: As does this. [He holds up a smartphone-like device displaying two very different graphs.] Your base frequency is different from ours, since you're technically from another universe.

Patty: So, that makes you "part" of this universe now?
Edward: Correct. We were born here, so our bodies are comprised of matter sourced from here, like from the food we eat.

Esther: However, when a "new" Nick or Trudy arrives, they should still have your home frequency, at least until they acclimate to this universe.
Patty: [Excitedly] Which we can scan for!

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