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[[Patty continues her discussion with the three scientist "duplicates". They have found a glimmer of hope, in that if they can find a "new" pair of Nick and Trudy before they "integrate" to this universe, they should be able to return safely.]]
Edward: Fortunately, new arrivals are a routine enough occurrence that we've learned to I.D. them quickly, and we've developed initiation protocols to indoctrinate them into our society.

Edward: The trick, of course, is finding one nearby, and quickly enough for you to take them back before they--and YOU--integrate into this universe.
Patty: [Concerned] Wait... I could be trapped here?

Esther: [Perusing her tablet] Theoretically. You've already been breathing our air and thus incorporating native matter. However, if you return within 42.54 hours, there should be minimal risk.

Victor: [Holding up his smartphone with a graph of a frequency] The good news is that we already have a copy of your resonant frequency, so finding a new Nick and Trudy should be a piece of cake.
[[Patty smiles.]]

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