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[[The three scientist "duplicates" have just told Patty that their chances of finding "pristine" copies of Nick and Trudy are pretty favorable. However, Patty seems to have additional concerns.]]
Patty: Wait... if I take them back, what happens to the rest of you? Will that break the cycle or something? Will you just go "Poof!" and cease to exist?

Victor: Honestly? We have no idea. I assume everything here will stay the same. The split has already happened, and will continue to happen, throughout the time line of this universe.

Esther: Then again, if the base matter of an original returns to its own universe, it could disrupt the signal. I think those of us here will continue to exist, but no new arrivals will occur.

Edward: Either way, we're pretty sure your friends will want to go home. My great-grandparents did. It took them a long time to accept their fate. I hope at least one pair will make it.

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