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[[A narration box reads "A few hours later..." Patty smiles with relief as a "pristine" pair of Nick and Trudy are escorted into the lab by the Nick and Trudy police "duplicates" from earlier. Both "originals" seem very confused.]]
Nick: I have so many questions, but I'm not sure I want to know the answers...
Patty: Nick! Trudy!

[[As the "originals" look on in uncertainty, "Victor" calls Patty's attention.]]
Victor: I wouldn't bother trying to explain what's happened to them yet. Getting back should be your top priority. That way you minimize the risks to your safe return.

[["Original" Trudy balks as "Esther" approaches Patty with an outstretched hand.]]
Esther: However, we should take the time to do this. Give me your smartphone.
Patty: [Suspiciously] Why?
Esther: We need to upload some data for you to take back with you.

[[Esther examines Patty's phone as Victor explains.]]
Victor: [Smiling] We've collected a few ideas that we think will make your search a bit easier. We've had billions of lifetimes to think about your situation. Might as well take advantage of it.

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