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[[A narration box reads: "A return trip and a medical examination later..." The scene shifts back to the Grey ship's infirmary, where Trudy sits on an examination table. Nearby, Nick is seated in a chair as Ki stands next to him. Others are gathered in the room as well, including Fooker, Sharon, and Patty. Doctor Granger is just finishing up Trudy's physical.]]
Granger: Everything checks out. You both seem perfectly healthy from what I can tell.

Trudy: [Worriedly] So... there were billions of copies of us scattered throughout time? Wait... am I a copy, or am I the original?
Nick: [Looking down at Patty's smartphone with concern] According to this, there's no difference.

Nick: Each "copy" was a perfect replication, indistinguishable from the "original" that left here. So it didn't matter WHICH of us came back, just that ONE of us did.

Sharon: [Curiously] Is that the data they sent back with you? What does it say?
Nick: [Stunned] It's... the answer. The answer to everything...

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