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[[As the others watch and listen, Nick looks uncertainly at the Patty's smartphone which contains the data collected by the "duplicates" from the other universe.]]
Nick: When they weren't literally reinventing the wheel and just trying to survive, our duplicates were passing down their work from generation to generation.

Nick: It's like I actually spent countless lifetimes working on the problem, only overnight. This... this could shave years... no, DECADES off our search for Earth.

[[Nick begins to turn emotional, almost on the verge of tears. Ki, who is standing beside him, rests her head on his and wraps her arms around him comfortingly.]]
Nick: They spent hundreds... THOUSANDS of years preparing this data, holding it and adding to it until the opportunity arose to send it back. I... I don't know how to process this...

[[Our view pulls back, centering on Fooker. He cocks a suspicious eyebrow.]]
Fooker: What I want to know is, does this mean Trudy and the Nickster literally did the nasty, like, a billion times?
[[Everyone turns to give him a angry look.]]

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