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[[The group continues to discuss the data sent back to the "prime" universe by Nick and Trudy's "duplicates" from the other universe. After Fooker brings up the specter of Nick and Trudy's "duplicate" offspring, Nick looks down at Patty's phone and adds...]]
Nick: Well, some of the non-scientific data on here contains personal correspondence. They literally wrote letters to us over the millennia, collected and passed down for generations.

Nick: [Looking around the room] When each one realized they could never go back, they wrote down all the things they always wanted to tell us. There's... several letters for each of you, from both of us.

Nick: Most of mine are to myself or Ki. They all apologize for giving up hope. Some took decades to accept their fate, but all of them professed their eternal love for Ki.
[[Ki leans down and drapes her arms around her husband.]]

Trudy: [Forlornly] I guess SOME of me finally found happiness, even if they had to settle for second place...
Fooker: At least he waited until you were literally the last woman on Earth...
[[Sharon shoots him a nasty glare.]]

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