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[[Nick has just explained the existence of letters written by his and Trudy's "duplicates" from the other universe, penned over the course of centuries and addressed to the various members of the crew.]]
Sharon: [Uncertainly] Are you going to let us read these letters?
Ki: [Standing next to Nick, who is transfixed by the device holding the data] It might be best to give them both time to read over them first. They might not be ready to share what they contain just yet.

[[Ki moves away from Nick to address the entire assembled group.]]
Ki: For now, I think both Nick and Trudy need time to rest and think. They've been through a lot, and have a lot to process. We'll resume searching once they're ready.

[[Ki ushers the group out of the examination room. As she leaves, Sharon looks back in concern.]]

[[With the others gone, only Ki, Nick, and Trudy remain in the room. Trudy is still sitting on the examination table, while Nick is seated in a chair on the other side of the room. Ki looks over her shoulder at the both of them, and she doesn't look happy.]]
Ki: Now that they're gone, I'm going to have MY say on all this...
[[Nick looks concerned, while Trudy cringes.]]

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