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[[With the rest of the gang gone, Ki, Trudy, and Nick are left alone in the examination room.]]
Trudy: [Apologetically] Ki... I'm... I'm sorry...
Ki: [Frustrated] Just... you don't have anything to apologize for, TECHNICALLY. YOU didn't sleep with my husband. Just your billion or so duplicates did.

[[Ki turns to face them, rubbing her forehead as if nursing a headache.]]
Ki: Look, it's hard enough wrapping my head around this as it is, but I can't hold either of you responsible for crazy alternate time line shenanigans. What happened... happened.

[[Nick gestures to Patty's phone, which holds the data from the other universe.]]
Nick: I've read a few of these letters. They put a very different perspective on things. You might want to take a look at them too.
Ki: [Wearily] I will, just... not right now.

[[Ki turns to leave.]]
Ki: Now... I just need to be somewhere else. I need time to THINK.
[[As she exits, Nick and Trudy exchange an awkward, uncertain glance.]]

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