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[[After Ki leaves, Nick and Trudy are alone in the examination room. Trudy still sits on the examination table, while Nick remains in his chair on the other side of the room. Trudy looks tentatively toward Nick.]]
Trudy: Where... does this put us...?
Nick: [Looking down at Patty's phone containing the data from the other universe] Exactly where it put us this morning, before everything happened. You and I went and came back right away. End of story.

Trudy: [Narrowing her eyes] That feels like a story with a lot of chapters missing...
Nick: [Grimly] Chapters that were never meant to be written, Trudy. Hypothetical ones. That's all.

Trudy: [Leaning back and turning contemplative] What do you think will become of that universe...?
Nick: [Looking back down at the phone] I have no idea. I only hope this doesn't result in some sort of permanent damage...

[[Our scene shifts. In the Thirteenth Dimensions of the Infinite Rotunda of Eternity, the Gamester, now solid where he was previously translucent, stands behind Mischief.]]
Gamester: [Shouting angrily] HE DID WHAT?!?
[[Mischief cringes, cowering before her "boss". Meanwhile, in the background, Todd appears shocked by the exchange, likely caught off guard by the Gamester's uncharacteristic outburst.]]

References: The Gamester, Mischief, and Todd
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