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[[Dexter walks down a corridor aboard the Grey ship as Chris, one of the female search volunteers, catches up behind him.]]
Chris: [Smiling] Morning, Dex! Looks like you've got a busy schedule today!
Dexter: [Returning the smile] Oh, hi, Chris! Yeah, today's going to be crazy now that the search missions are expanding.

Dexter: With all that new data Nick has, he really thinks we might find the Earth soon. You're off today, right?
Chris: Yep. I'm looking forward to some peace and quiet for a change.

Dexter: Well, have you seen Trish lately?
Chris; No, 'fraid not.
Dexter: Well, if you see her, tell her I'm looking for her, OK?

Chris: [Her smile turning mischievous] Oh, really? Not planning a secret rendezvous, are we?
Dexter: [Sheepishly] Er, no. She's supposed to give me her feedback on my latest novel revision.

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