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[[Their conversation completed, Dexter walks into the background while Chris walks toward the reader, smiling to herself.]]
Chris: [Thinking] So Dex is writing a novel, huh? All those GPF people seem to have a ton of hidden talent. I wonder if he'll let ME read it...

[[As she nears the end of the corridor, Chris spots Trish sneaking past the intersection, looking around nervously.]]
Chris: [Thinking] Hey, there's Trish. Talk about convenient coincidences...

[[Trish passes, then Chris peeks around the corner to watch her as she continues to look around anxiously.]]
Chris: [Thinking] I wonder where she's off to, and why she seems to be acting so suspiciously...

[[Chris steps up behind Trish. She doesn't intend to sneak up on her, but Trish is so absorbed in her cautiousness than she fails to notice her.]]
Chris: [Aloud] Hey, Trish!
[[Trish is startled, nearly jumping a foot into the air.]]
Trish: GAH!

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