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[[Chris has accidentally surprised Trish after following her as she sneaked down a corridor.]]
Chris: [Apologetically] Sorry! I didn't mean to startle you!
Trish: [Sheepishly] C-C-Chris! I-it's OK. I-I j-just w-wasn't expecting a-anyone in th-this p-part of the sh-ship...

Chris: [Confused, gesturing to the hallway behind her] This part of the ship? We're just off the main corridor...
Trish: Y-yeah, b-but m-most h-humans d-don't c-come th-this way.

Chris: [Growing suspicious] Then... what are YOU doing down here?
Trish: M-me? Oh, uh... n-nothing. I-I w-was j-just going for a w-walk, th-that's all...

Chris: [Crossing her arms across her chest and giving Trish a playfully accusatory smirk] That sounds suspiciously non-specific...
Trish: [Returning a guilty smile] Heh... I-I g-guess it d-does. C-can... can y-you k-keep a s-secret...?

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