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[[After Chris follows Trish and catches her sneaking down a commonly unused corridor, Trish asks her if she can keep a secret.]]
Chris: A secret? Yeah, I'm pretty good with those. This isn't anything dangerous, right?
Trish: [Nervously] N-no! O-of c-course not! J-just... m-mildly embarrassing.

[[Trish looks around anxiously, checking both ends of the corridor. Chris watches her uncertainly.]]

[[Trish grabs Chris' hand and drags her down the hall, moving quickly.]]
Trish: [Smiling] H-hurry! Th-this way, before the w-warrior d-drones make their n-next p-patrol!
Chris: [Looking down at her hand in Trish's and blushing] Well, OK, then...

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