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[[Trish leads Chris into an area of the Grey ship filled with strange alien machinery. They both look around anxiously.]]
Chris: Where are we?
Trish: [Pointing off to the side] The e-engineering s-section. Th-the ship's r-reactor core is j-just over th-there.

Chris: [Cringing] No WONDER you were nervous. We're not allowed down here...
Trish: I-I kn-know. T-trust m-me, c-coming d-down here w-wasn't m-my idea...

[[Trish gestures toward an odd machine with several glowing globes.]]
Trish: D-don't t-touch those b-blue g-glowy thingies if y-you're even TH-THINKING of having ch-children s-someday...
Chris: [Giving the contraption a wide berth] Where are we going? What's even back here?

[[Trish kneels next to a wall with a ventilation grill and begins removing it.]]
Trish: I h-have it on g-good authority th-that th-this is th-the one p-place on the sh-ship n-no one will ever th-think to l-look.
Chris: Look for what?

References: Parts of the ship off-limits to humans: the bridge, the armory; The ship's engine room
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