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[[Chris wriggles through the small ventilation vent as Trish kneels next to her on the other side.]]
Trish: C-can you g-get th-through...?
Chris: [Struggling] Yeah... it's a tight squeeze, though. Need to lay off those dessert cubes...

[[Chris sits up and turns around, only to find out they are not alone. Planck sits cross-legged nearby.]]
Chris: Oh, um, hello? Planck?
Planck: Hi, Chris! Trish didn't mention she was bringing anyone along...

[[Chris turns again to find two others present.]]
Chris: Oh, and, uh, the yellow and orange Physarics. Um...
Persephone: I'm Persephone and this is Socrates.
Socrates: It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Chris: [Turning to Trish] What... EXACTLY... have I stumbled upon?
Trish: [Beaming] W-welcome to th-the w-weekly c-clandestine m-meeting of the F-Friends of F-Fred!

References: Those food cubes, especially the dessert ones, must be hard to resist...
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