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[[Chris listens as the "Friends of Fred" give their rationale for forming their fan club centered around Fred.]]Socrates: Several years ago, after that lawsuit that exposed his existence to the world, Fred became quite a celebrity. Talk shows, cameos, even "Dancing with the Stars"...Chris: That was OUR Fred? I vaguely remember some of that, but I don't really keep up with celebrity gossip.Trish: I w-was a m-member of his OFFICIAL fan club b-before it d-disbanded.Planck: I was frightened by him at first like many other Greys, but once I talked to him, I learned he's a pretty cool guy. So Trish and I decided to reform the fan club here.Chris: [To Persephone and Socrates] And you two? You're "fans" as well?Socrates: I'm honor-bound to protect and serve him.Persephone: Offspring, girlfriend... it's complicated. Call me a fan with benefits.

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