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[[Chris continues her conversation with Persephone and Socrates.]]
Chris: Don't take this the wrong way, but it still feels odd talking to you two. After what the Physarics did to us, I haven't exactly been in a hurry to make friends.

Persephone: That's quite understandable, given the circumstances. However, none of US were involved in the invasion.
Socrates: On the contrary, we actively campaigned to stop it.

Socrates: Neither Fred nor Persephone were aware of their heritage until that point, and Fred actually withheld vital information from our kind to maintain the truce. He's a hero.
[[Planck raises a suspicious eyebrow.]]

Chris: Wow... you're starting to convince me that he's pretty cool...
Planck: [Cheerfully] Are you convinced enough to pay the club dues of, say, 24 quatloos...?
[[Trish gives Planck an annoyed look.]]

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