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[[After listening to the "Friends of Fred" describe their reasons for following Fred, Chris has one important question...]]
Chris: [Confused] Wait... you're all Fred's ACTUAL friends. Why do you even NEED a "fan club"? You already have access to him at any time.

Trish: [Sheepishly] W-we m-may be f-friends, b-but not exactly C-CLOSE f-friends.
Planck: [Timidly] Besides, he might be awesome, but he's also kinda intimidating. He's downright scary when he's mad.

Socrates: While Fred had no problems with legions of anonymous admirers, I think I may have spooked him during the time I virtually stalked him, before he knew who I really was.

Chris: And what about you, Persephone?
Persephone: I'm here mostly for the food. Planck always knows where to find the best leftover food cubes.

References: Socrates stalking Fred: (1) (2) (3) (4); Fred and company confront Socrates: (1) (2) (3)
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