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[[Despite hearing the rationale each "Friend of Fred" has for being a "fan", Chris still seems confused.]]
Chris: So what exactly do you guys DO, then? Surely you don't just sit around and gush about Fred all the time...
Trish: O-of C-COURSE we do!

Trish: [Swooning] Th-there w-was one time he d-did Hamlet's "To b-be or n-not to be" s-soliloquy on l-late n-night TV. H-he w-was brilliant! S-such emotion! S-such p-passion!

Planck: I think he's finally done the impossible and melted Pi's stone cold cardiac pump. I actually saw the old drone smile the other day, and not in the scary, maniacal way.

Socrates: He has a noble spirit, the soul of a hero. I would follow him into the jaws of death.
Persephone: He's my lime love pudding. Let's just leave it at that.

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