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[[The "Friends of Fred" (plus Chris) are interrupted as the grill to the ventilation duct they entered through begins to rattle from the other side.]]
Trish: [Whispering] S-someone's c-coming...

[[The grill pops open as Fred oozes through, carrying a Grey data tablet with him.]]
Fred: Time to retreat to my favorite reading spot... [He spots the assembled group.] Oops... it's occupied?
[[While Chris and Persephone react with mild surprise at Fred's arrival, Trish, Planck, and Socrates all panic.]]
Planck: It's him! Bolt! Flee! Abscond!

[[Trish, Planck, and Socrates scramble to a hidden panel in the back wall and all try to squeeze through simultaneously. Meanwhile, Fred seems confused.]]
Fred: What... just happened?
Persephone: Nothing, dear. You just enjoy your book. Chris and I were just getting to know each other...
[[Chris gives them a relieved smile.]]

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