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[[Nick has gathered all of the "search for Earth" volunteers into a single room. He stands before the group and addresses them as a whole.]]
Nick: OK, listen up, everyone. I have an important announcement.

Nick: After analyzing the data given to us by the "Nick-and-Trudy-verse", I've refined the search algorithm significantly. We're going to double the search missions we do daily from here on.
[[Various members of the group turn to each other in mild surprise.]]

Nick: That means we really need to recruit more of the "survivors" to help out. So if you're not on a mission or in bed asleep, we need volunteers to go around and drum up support.

Sharon: [Concerned] Do you think that will work? We were lucky to get the volunteers we did initially.
Nick: [Annoyed] At this point, I'd draft Colonel Barker, Ms. Matusevitch, and Victor Brown if I thought they would help.

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