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[[Nick continues to address the search volunteers, encouraging them to recruit some of the "survivors" who failed to volunteer the first time.]]
Nick: Look, I know it's daunting, but the fact that we've narrowed the search as much as we have should be encouraging. We've shaved DECADES off the original estimate.

Nick: If we can step up the pace even more, there is a chance we could find the Earth within the next few years, if not MONTHS. The end is practically in sight.

Nick: We just have to press forward and not give up. We'll run the MUTEX night and day if we have to, but we'll need more bodies to do that without wearing everyone out.

Nick: [Determined] So today's first away team, queue up. The rest of you, pair off and pick a corridor down the human barracks. Put your best face forward and be polite. Remember the cause.

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