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[[Nick's assembly begins to disperse as everyone begins to pair off to recruit some of the other "survivors". Patty turns hopefully toward Dexter and Sharon, who are heading off in one direction.]]Patty: Dex? Sharon? Either of you want to...?Sharon: Sorry, Patty. We're on today's first mission.[[Dexter gives her an apologetic smile.]][[Patty turns to her other side to spy Trish and Chris chatting happily as they walk away together.]][[She turns the other way as more pairs of volunteers split off. Patty is starting to look annoyed.]][[As the crowd thins, only one person besides her is left. Fooker flashes her a thumbs-up.]]Fooker: Guess we're partners, huh, P.J.?Patty: [Sarcastically] I'm thrilled.

References: "P.J."
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