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[[Fooker and Patty head down a corridor aboard the Grey ship, en route to their first recruitment visit.]]
Fooker: Buck up, buttercup. This job ain't so bad. Just gonna chat up a few of those deadbeats who refuse to help out, is all...
Patty: [Annoyed] For all the good THAT will do...

Fooker: [Curious] So is your sour 'tude a beef with me, or just general pessimism about drumming up more volunteers?
Patty: [Relaxing somewhat] That latter. I've grown accustomed to your brand of insanity.

Fooker: That's a relief. As for those slackers, you don't think we can convince them to help?
Patty: After all this time? Hardly. Why would they change their minds now?

Fooker: [Hopefully] Because we've had proven results...?
Patty: [Sarcastically] At getting lost, attacked, or infinitely duplicated? Prime selling points there...

References: "Lost, attacked, and infinitely duplicated"
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