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[[Having failed in their first recruitment attempt, Fooker and Patty move on to the next barracks. Fooker knocks on the door as he tries to encourage Patty.]]
Fooker: So we struck out on the first try. Never give up, never surrender!
Patty: [Dryly] I thought Dex was the one with the bad movie quotes.

[[A few moments pass, but no one comes to the door.]]
Fooker: Huh... no one's answering. I wonder if I can override it...
[[Fooker begins messing with the door controls while Patty inspects a handwritten sign taped to the wall next to the door.]]
Patty: Wait... isn't this the couple who volunteered for the Greys' human mating observations...?

[[Fooker's override takes effect and the door slides open. Both Fooker and Patty seem startled by what they see inside.]]
Fooker: Why, yes... yes, it is...

[[Patty begins to backpedal, flashing an embarrassed, nervous grin as Fooker stands transfixed, staring in the door, breaking a sweat.]]
Patty: We'll, um, come back later when you two aren't so busy...
[[From inside the room, one of the occupants calls out...]]
Voice: Hurry! One of you get in here! The Greys have never seen a threesome before!

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