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[[Fooker and Patty are speaking with another "survivor", attempting to recruit her for the search effort to find Earth. Despite their best efforts, she doesn't seem very enthusiastic.]]
Fooker: So it would be really awesome if we could count on your help.
Woman: [With her knees drawn up to her chest and looking apprehensive] I... don't know. It sounds dangerous...

Patty: It is, to an extent. We've had a few accidents and near misses, but so far no one's been seriously hurt.
Woman: But... do you really think any of this will actually help?

Patty: Look, I can't think of anyone more skeptical than me. But I believe in Nick. He's not perfect, but he knows his stuff. If ANYONE can get the Earth back, HE can.

Fooker: [Striking an enthusiastic pose] Of course, the more people we have helping out, the faster the search effort goes. And you'll never be doing it alone!
Woman: [With a uncertain smile] Sigh... OK, I'll do it. Count me in.
[[Patty finally cracks a smile.]]

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