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[[Fooker and Patty stroll down the corridor on the Grey ship after successfully recruiting one of the previously unwilling "survivors".]]
Fooker: Feeling a bit more motivated? Success will do that to ya...
Patty: A little, but we're sitting at a 75% failure rate so far, and we've still got the rest of the corridor to go.

Fooker: You're way too much of a Debbie Downer, Pats. You gotta look on the bright side!
Patty: [Smiling] For an ex-spy, you're surprisingly optimistic... and annoyingly inspiring.

[[They pause between two doors on either side of the hall. Fooker gestures to the handwritten signs taped up beside each.]]
Fooker: Well, how about this? Based on these signs, we've got a dude over here and a chick over there. Dare ya to persuade your own sex before I can mine?
[[Patty eyes the sign for the woman's door.]]

[[She turns back to him and gives him a challenging smile.]]
Patty: Loser has to listen to Pi grumble while helping him clean out the MUTEX's hypostatic manifolds?
Fooker: [Intrigued] Ouch. Them's steep penalties, but I'm game. You're on.

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