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[[Patty exits the room where she has just tried to recruit its occupant. The woman inside wears square glasses and a hijab, and gives Patty a tentative, uncertain smile.]]
Woman: So you say I can watch one of these missions first and then decide?
Patty: [Smiling] Sure. I'll be on one this afternoon. Come by around 1600 hours and I'll show you around.

[[Patty looks across the hall at the opposite door, which is closed. There is a small sign taped to the wall next to it. This is the room that in the previous strip Fooker entered to recruit its occupant, and where the two of them placed a bet as to who would finish their recruitment task first.]]
Patty: [Thinking to herself] Ha! Not only did I beat him, but he's still inside! But I won't rub it into his face until I'm sure he doesn't need any help.

[[Patty opens the door to find Fooker and another man sitting across from each other in animated conversation. As she enters, both men turn to her. Fooker smiles, while the other man's back is to the reader, so his face is obscured. Patty's eyes seem to be drawn to the other man.]]
Fooker: Hey, Patty! Lookit who I found! Here we are, on the same alien ship for months, and no idea he was here! This here's Mike. He useta work at GPF, like us.

[[We look over Patty's shoulder and get our first good look at the room's occupant. He is a slightly heavyset Caucasian man with dark thinning hair and a thick beard. He also sports rectangular glasses. As their eyes meet, both the man and Patty seem startled with recognition.]]
Man: P-Patty?
Patty: M-Mark?!?

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