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[[The scene shifts back to the area around the MUTEX chamber. Sharon and Dexter emerge from the MUTEX room just as Trish and Chris enter from the other side.]]
Sharon: So how did the recruitment drive go?
Trish: W-we g-got th-three more v-volunteers!

[[Their reunion is interrupted as Fooker and Mike enter from another hallway.]]
Fooker: Well, I dug up this old fossil hiding in the bowels of the ship!
Mike: Fossil? I'm only a year or two older than YOU!

Fooker: Gang, this here's Mike Morrison. He was Dwayne's first employee at GPF, even before me. He says he'll be glad to help out.
Mike: [Smiling] Anything for my fellow GPF-ers.

[[In the background, Sharon and Trish greet Mike for the first time. In the foreground, Dexter approaches Fooker surreptitiously.]]
Dexter: [Whispering] Say, didn't you leave here with Patty earlier...?
Fooker: [Whispering] Um, best not to mention P-A-T-T-Y while Mike's around, if you know what's good for ya...

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