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[[After Fooker has made the initial introductions, Mike spends several minutes speaking to several of GPF's current employees. First up is Trudy.]]
Mike: Wow... so GPF finally grew large enough to need a dedicated marketing person...?
Trudy: [With false modesty] Naturally, its growth became exponential after I joined.
[[In the background, Trish eyes Trudy warily.]]

Mike: [To Sharon] I never thought anyone could tie ol' Jason down...
Sharon: [With an evil smile] It took a while to wear him down, but I'm nothing if not persistent.
[[In the background, Fooker cocks a surprised eyebrow.]]

Mike: [To Ki] I guess you're the "college girl" Dwayne hired to replace me?
Ki: [Smiling] Maybe I was years ago. I've been our senior DBA for a while now.
[[Dexter gives Mike a scrutinizing look.]]

Nick: [Scowling] So YOU'RE the one who designed the old Goodman Rubber inventory system...
Mike: [Sheepishly] Ah, yes, well... I wouldn't say "designed". It sort of grew organically...
[[Ki looks concerned about her husband's frustration.]]

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