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[[Mike continues his first interactions with the current GPF employees.]]
Sharon: So why did you leave?
Mike: I had to move away for family stuff. I wasn't gone as long as I thought I'd be, but I felt bad begging Dwayne for my old job back.

Mike: [Looking around] So is this everybody from GPF here?
Trish: [Helpfully] N-no, th-there's one m-more. Sh-she's--
Fooker: [Interrupting, but whispering] Ix-nay on the Atty-Pay...

[[Mike isn't fooled by Fooker's Pig Latin interjection.]]
Mike: [Annoyed] Oh. Well, THAT explains a few things...
Fooker: [Putting a hand on Mike's shoulder] Let's not dwell on unpleasant things right now. How's about I treat my old pal to some food cubes down in the mess hall...?

[[As Fooker leads Mike away in the background, the remaining others turn to look at each other in mild confusion.]]
Ki: [To Sharon, whispering] "Unpleasant things"? So does he have a beef with Patty...?
Sharon: [Whispering] No idea. Has anyone seen her lately? Wasn't she with Fooker earlier...?
[[In the close foreground, Dexter and Trish share an uncomfortable, worried look.]]

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