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[[After Fooker and Mike leave, Dexter turns to exit the room in the opposite direction. Trish chases after him.]]
Trish: D-Dex! Are y-you g-going to l-look for P-Patty?
Dexter: Yeah, I'm a bit worried about her. It's not like her to up and vanish like that.

Trish: Y-you d-don't th-think something's wr-wrong, d-do you?
Dexter: [Suspiciously] I dunno. I didn't like Mike's attitude when you tried to bring her up. He seemed pretty sour at just the MENTION of her.

Trish: I w-wonder if th-they kn-know each other...
Dexter: With THAT reaction? They HAVE to, but I don't know how. She's never mentioned a "Mike" to me before.
Trish: M-me n-neither.

Dexter: [Mildly concerned] So... you're OK with me wanting to check on her...?
Trish: [Smiling] W-why w-wouldn't I be? W-we're her f-friends! Sh-she might n-need us r-right now!
Dexter: That's... not what I meant.

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