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[[Following Mike's suspicious reaction to the mention of Patty, Dexter and Trish have gone in search of her. They come to an intersection of hallways aboard the Grey ship.]]
Dexter: [Looking around] Trouble is... I have no idea where Patty might be...
Trish: [Gesturing in the opposite direction] I-I have a h-hunch. Th-there's an o-observation l-lounge th-this w-way that sh-she f-frequents.

[[They enter the observation lounge, which is mostly dark. Patty sits in the sill of one window with her back to them.]]
Trish: Th-there sh-she is!
Dexter: Hey, Patty! Are you OK? We've been looking all over for you!

[[Patty turns to look at them, tears streaming down her face. It's obvious she's been crying for some time.]]

[[Upon seeing Dexter and Trish, Patty runs to them, further breaking down. To both their surprise, she wraps her arms around Dex's broad stomach, burying her face into him as she bawls uncontrollably.]]

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