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[[It is an indeterminate amount of time later. Patty and Dexter have collapsed into the floor, with Patty leaning heavily against Dexter's massive belly. She has slowly regained her composure after devolving into tears earlier. For his part, Dexter sits cross-legged, willingly being her support. A concerned Trish kneels next to them, putting a hand on Patty's shoulder.]]
Patty: [Weakly] I... I'm sorry about that. I don't... lose my cool like this...
Dexter: [With a compassionate smile] No, you're usually more explosive.

Trish: [Worried] I-it's OK. W-we're your f-friends. W-we w-want to h-help.
Patty: You CAN'T help with this, Trish. I screwed up. I screwed up bad, and now everything I've feared is crashing back down on me.

Dexter: [Angrily] It's that guy, isn't it. Fooker's buddy, Mike Morrison. What did he do to you?
Patty: It's not what HE did to ME; it's what I did to HIM. I'M the one to blame. I'M the one at fault.

Patty: [Looking forlornly] Dex... that's Mark. THAT'S my old finace.
Dexter: [Recognizing the name] Oh my God...
Trish: [Shocked] Y-you're W-WHAT?!?

References: Dexter learns about Mark: (1) (2)
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