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[[Patty has just mentioned for the first time in front of Trish that she once had a...]]
Trish: F-fiance?!?
Patty: Yes... until I screwed things up. Until I ruined everything, just like I ALWAYS do.

Dexter: You DON'T always ruin things, Patty...
Patty: [Angrily] Yes, I DO! Everything I touch, I end up breaking! Everything I want, I wind up shoving it away! I'M the reason I can't have nice things!

Patty: [Fighting tears] I'm a walking cesspool of human filth! A fetid, festering, foul pile of feces not worth scraping off the bottom of your shoe! I'm worthless! Irredeemable! Just leave me alone before I hurt your too!

[[Trish wraps her arms around Patty and envelopes her in a huge bear hug.]]
Dexter: [Dryly] I think we've established you have some self-esteem issues, but that doesn't make you "irredeemable".
[[Patty reluctantly begins to melt into Trish's embrace.]]

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