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[[As Trish continues to wrap her arms around Patty in a comforting hug, she turns questioningly toward Dexter.]]
Trish: [To Dexter] S-so y-you kn-know about this M-Mark?
Dexter: Patty told me about him years ago, but I had no idea he and Fooker's friend were the same guy.

Patty: No one did. I had no idea he ever worked at GPF until today.
Trish: S-so y-you had a d-disagreement? S-something that m-made him m-mad at you?

Patty: [Forlornly] I did something... unforgivable. It was cruel and naive, an impulsive breach of trust. He had every right to break off our engagement, and I deserve every ounce of ridicule because of it.

Trish: [Reassuringly] Oh, it c-can't b-be all TH-THAT b-bad...
Dexter: Um, no, it's pretty bad. Don't know about "unforgivable", but boy, is it a whopper...

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