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[[After Dexter backs up Patty's claim that her "unforgivable" act against her ex-fiance was terrible, Trish turns surprisingly defensive.]]
Trish: I-I kn-know P-Patty can have a m-mean s-streak sometimes, b-but I R-REFUSE to b-believe sh-she'd be c-cruel and heartless to the m-man sh-she was g-going to m-marry!
Patty: Trish...

Patty: I was... a different person back then. You wouldn't have recognized me. I smiled more. I even LAUGHED, and not sarcastically. I was HAPPY. I even had a habit of pulling pranks on friends.

Patty: That was before I ruined our wedding, before I drove away the man I loved, before I started sabotaging every beneficial relationship I ever had: friends, family, coworkers...

Dexter: [Cheerfully] You may have tried to sabotage OUR friendships, but we tend to be gluttons for punishment.
Trish: [Enthusiastically] H-hear hear!
Patty: [Scowling] I SWEAR you two are sadomasochists...

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