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[[Still in the observation lounge, Trish and Dexter try their best to console Patty...]]
Trish: [To Patty] D-do y-you w-want to t-talk about it? I-if w-we knew m-more about your h-history, w-we c-could b-better understand what you're g-going through...

Dexter: [To Patty] You told me about your "transgression", but you never gave me much background. Maybe, in context, it's not as bad as you think...

Patty: I know you two want to help, but I'm not asking for it. It's not just bad; it's HORRIBLE. The last thing I want is to burden anyone with my self-inflicted problems...

Trish: [Cheerfully] F-friends don't g-give up on f-friends th-that easily!
Patty: [With resignation] I don't have much of a choice in this, do I...?
Dexter: [Looking at the reader] I smell a flashback!

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