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[[Trish and Dexter remain sitting in the floor of the observation lounge, huddled around a distraught Patty. She begins to recount her history with Mike.]]
Patty: When I first met Mark, we were both living upstate. It was before I started working for Regional Telecom and I guess after he had left GPF...

[[Patty continues to narrate as we see flashbacks to her past.]]
Patty: I was fresh out of college. I worked for a small health insurance broker in their I.T. department, building custom Web portals for their clients.
[[We see a younger version of Patty, her hair loose rather than in its characteristic ponytail, wearing a turtleneck top, slacks, and a belt. She walks into an office. On the wall is a poster that reads "Bee Well" with a cartoon bee mascot.]]

Patty: I was new in town, so I didn't know many people outside of work. I got to be on pretty friendly terms with my coworkers, though, and they started inviting me to social events.
[[We see Patty at her desk, surrounded by coworkers. There is an African-American man with a goatee and high-top fade, as well as a Caucasian and Asian woman standing to the other side. Everyone seems to be on friendly terms, smiling and happy.]]

Patty: That New Year's a girl invited me to a party at her apartment. I didn't know it at the time, but it was part of an elaborate scheme to set me up with an old friend of hers...
[[The scene changes. Patty stands outside her coworker's apartment as the girl opens the door. It's the Caucasian woman from the previous panel. They exchange a friendly greeting, although Patty seems a bit nervous. Inside, we see the Asian coworker is already present, as are several other people. In the far background, barely discernible, Patty's future fiance stands, speaking to another man.]]

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