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[[Patty continues relaying the story of how she and Mike/Mark met at a New Year's Eve party at a coworker's apartment.]]
Patty: At first, I was very much on the defensive. I may not have dated much, but I knew how to brush off a guy who was interested in one, and only one thing.
[[Patty and Mark stand off to themselves, a small island in a sea of revelers all around them. A clock on the wall behind them reads 11pm. Both of obviously uncomfortable, avoiding eye contact while looking around nervously.]]

Patty: But the more we talked, the more I began to realize that he was just as nervous as I was. He stammered, fidgeted, laughed, and sweated... he was rather "adorkable".
[[As the clock strikes midnight, the party-goers begin to celebrate, blowing noise makers and throwing confetti. Meanwhile, Patty and Mike are just beginning to loosen up. Mark scratches the back of his head nervously as he flashes a cheesy grin, while Patty finally cracks a smile.]]

Patty: We quickly found that we shared many of the same interests and pet peeves, that we were both only children of demanding parents, and we even shared the same birthday.
[[The clock now reads 1am and the party is obviously winding down. One woman walks away yawning, while another man appears to be passed out in the floor, leaning against the wall. In contrast, Mark and Patty are talking animatedly as confetti drifts off them.]]

Patty: By the end of the night, talking with him was like talking to an old friend. I felt like I knew him forever, and I couldn't believe how quickly I became comfortable around him.
[[The clock now reads 2am and the party is practically deserted. Patty and Mike remain in the same spot, still talking. Their posture is turning flirtatious as Patty tucks her hair behind her ear and Mark leans against the wall. Off to the side, Patty's coworker Jessica peeks around the corner to spy on them, giving them an approving smile.]]

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