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[[Patty continues her story of how she met Mike/Mark. In the previous strip, Mark had just proposed to her.]]
Patty: The engagement wasn't a very long one, and neither of us were interested in a big, fancy wedding. His parents insisted on one, however, which didn't thrill mine.
[[Patty and Mike stand in the center foreground, looking forlornly to either side. In the background off to the sides are presumably their respective parents, none of whom appear happy.]]

Patty: We decided to compromise with something mid-sized, restricted to family and a few friends. Mark and I decided to split the bill, rather than have my parents pay anything.
[[Mark and Patty are out looking at dishes, presumably registering for wedding gifts.]]

Patty: I asked Jessica to be my maid of honor, and the other office girls were understanding of our choice to keep it small. They insisted on a zany bachelorette party, though.
[[Patty is in the office talking to her female coworkers. There is Jessica, the girl who introduced her to Mike, as well as the Asian women from earlier. An African-American woman has joined them.]]

Patty: That's where everything went south. That's were I made my big mistake. I would regret that night for the rest of my life.
[[Patty and her female coworkers head into what appears to be a bar for her bachelorette party.]]

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