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[[Patty continues to narrate the story of how she and Mike/Mark met and broke up. Following their whirlwind courtship and engagement, Patty's female coworkers plan a bachelorette party for her.]]
Patty: The bachelorette party was at this little hole-in-the-wall we used to frequent. I never drank there, but I loved the food, atmosphere, and most of all, being with friends.
[[Patty and her friends enter a bar where they are greeted warmly by the patrons.]]

Patty: Alexis, the "wild one" of the bunch, tried to spring for a male stripper, but Jessica talked her out of it. Ji-hyun was disappointed; she didn't know men did that in America.
[[Patty and her friends sit in a booth and talk animatedly. The African-American woman, Alexis, gives Patty a mischievous look, causing Patty to feel embarrassed. The Asian woman, Ji-hyun, appears shocked, while Jessica, the Caucasian woman, rolls her eyes.]]

Patty: Jess knew I wasn't much of a party animal, so she tried to keep things relatively low key. There were games and karaoke, but in the end what we did most was just talk.
[[Patty and Ji-hyun stand nervously at a podium and sing along with the karaoke machine, while Jessica and Alexis laugh hysterically at them.]]

Patty: While Jess knew Mark pretty well, Alex and Ji didn't. I think they were mildly concerned I was rushing into things. Before long, they were plying me with a thousand questions...
[[Back at the booth, Alexis and Ji-hyun give Patty mischievous smiles while Patty withers uncomfortably. Jessica appears sympathetic to Patty's plight, but isn't stopping the probing conversation.]]

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