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[[Patty continues her story of how she and Mike/Mark broke up. She is currently focused on her bachelorette party, where her coworkers have taken her to a local bar. The four of them share a booth, where Alexis and Ji-hyun ply Patty with questions about Mark.]]
Alexis: I'll bet he does SOMETHING that annoys you! Spill it!
Ji-hyun: Let me guess... he chew his fingernails! No! He leave the seat up! My man, he hums when he pees!

Patty: [Smiling] I'm not avoiding the question, really! I COULD nitpick him to death, but he's always been a gentleman to me. For that, I'm willing to overlook the small stuff.

Jessica: Look, I've known Mark for years. He's almost like a brother to me. He has his flaws, but he's nicer than pretty much any man I've dated. I wasn't going to set Pats up with a jerk.
[[Alexis and Ji-hyun eye Jessica suspiciously.]]

Alexis: [Probing Patty mischievously] C'mon, girl. Ain't NOBODY perfect, including your stallion. You better know what you're getting into! So be brutally honest... what's your BIGGEST pet peeve with him?
[[Jessica looks concerned, while Patty begins to think uncomfortably.]]

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